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A spare set of keys is very much essential, as we tend to lose keys accidently most of the times. Key duplication helps you in cases of lost, misplaced and broken keys. Our team of professionals carries a variety of equipment, which are suitable for crafting all types of keys. We provide services with short turnaround time, as in some emergency cases, there would be the need of a fix or a solution at the earliest. Atlantic Locksmith Store has been duplicating keys for a decade now in the Manchester, CT region

The ‘key’ to key duplication:

Key duplication is an art, as a minute difference in the thread of the key could result in an unsuccessful outcome. We have a team of professionals, who are well trained and experienced in taking care of all kinds of key duplication needs with perfection. Our advanced technology equipment ensures the quality and the accuracy of the key. We work with some of the high-end key cutters and decoder tools, which enable our professionals to complete the task with a quick turnaround time.

Get a duplicate key made in short time

Our team of experts can handle issues related to duplication of keys and has immense experience in working with different kinds of locking systems. Most of our keys are cut within a span of 30 minutes.

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Why Key Duplication needs to be handled by professionals

Locks and keys should naturally be handled by professionals and experts, as a minor flaw could cause a major damage to the entire system. Key duplication plays a major role, as only a perfect key would help you unlock the lock. A general locksmith would not cut the key in an accurate shape and there are chances that the key may not function properly. This is why, it is better to hire the services of an expert to craft you a key that works flawlessly and lasts for a long time.

Our services in Manchester, CT have been well recognized, since we have handled key duplication with finesse Atlantic Locksmith Store’s team of experts provides efficient services by duplicating the keys at affordable and reasonable costs. 

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